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Welcome to class 3L at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mrs Lunt, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Happy Blogging!

Chime bars

We were so lucky this week because we had Mr Mercer who came to work with us. We began to learn chime bars and playing up and down the scale in time with the music. We also learned how to use our bodies as percussion instruments. We cannot wait for our next session with him in a couple of weeks.

Learner of the Week

This week our Learner of the Week is Tiyahna.  She has been working so hard in class and I have been so impressed with her collaboration skills this week.  She has taken on different roles such as the leader or the checker.  She has confidently shared her ideas and understanding with her partner and the class which has supported herself and others with their learning.  Well done Tiyahna.  Very Wyldestyle!

Maths Morning

What a great end to our half term we have had! This morning we had Maths Morning and it was so much fun. We had different activities which allowed us to practice and apply different skills. We used our online learning platforms as well as playing place value and times tables board game and using our reasoning and problem solving skills to solve the Caveman Code Cracker and Caveman Conundrum. Well done Year 3.

Creating our own cave paintings.

This week we built on last week’s learning about cave art and we had a go at creating our own cave paintings using clay and charcoal. We looked at different images of cave art which has been discovered for ideas. We thought about why early humans created cave paintings and learned that they were created for different reasons. Sometimes to communicate with people, sometimes as a pre hunting ritual and sometimes to record events. We also discussed why these are such a valuable historic source. Check out our cave art below. What do you think?