What an amazing new library we have!

This week we took our first trip to our new school library and it was certainly worth the wait! It definitely gets a big thumbs up from us!

In spelling, we looked at suffixes. We learnt that this is a letter or a group of letters at the end of a root word to change its meaning. E.g -ing, -ed, -es and -s.

In Art we finished our natural cave sketches and used pastels to give them some colour.

We also went outdoors and done some natural art using fingers, sticks, soil and berries like they did in The Stone Age! Next week we will be looking at cave paintings and creating our very own.

In History, we used our knowledge of the three time periods in The Stone Age and made links with what we know to sort and order food, shelter and tools correctly. We also looked at how shelters changed over these periods in more detail. Ask us what wattle and daub is!

My learner of the week this week in Noor for constantly making me proud. She is always showing the correct behaviours, manages her distractions and is always ready and willing to learn. Since the start of term, she has worked on being resilient in her writing and getting a little better every day. I can certainly see this in all aspects of your learning Noor, keep up the good work! 

Well done to our first Lexia Legends of the year Eseohe, Lily, Evelyn and Christian. Also congratulations to our TT Rockstars this week Amy, Erin and Eseohe.

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