Dinner with Mr Beaver

Excitingly in 3L this week we started our Arts Fortnight with Mrs Johnston. We have linked this to where we have reached in our class novel, Narnia, and are going for dinner with Mr Beaver like the children in the story.

To launch our topic we went on a hunt around school to look for clues. We pieced together the picture and read the riddle to discover it was a beaver.

We then read a text all about beavers and distilled important information about their appearance, diet and habitat. We put this into a visual map and shared with the class key bits of information.

On Tuesday, we spotted a beaver in the school grounds which led us to the Art Studio where Mr Beaver’s dam was.

We have looked carefully at the significant features of a beaver and had a go at sketching our own.

Even though beavers are herbivores, in Narnia Mr Beaver serves fish to the children for their dinner. We completed an observational drawing of a sardine after studying the fish closely.

We then worked in groups before working individually to come up with our own Narnia sea creatures. Interestingly, they had a different head, body and tail! What fun we had!

My learner of the week this week is Elay. This week Elay has been more focused and engaged in her learning. She has shown active listening to fully understand tasks set and is regularly checking her work against the success criteria, making any corrections in a green pen. I have been very impressed Elay, keep up the hard work!

Well done to Kaira, who is our home reading champion and is taking home our reading box this week.

Noor, Sara and Eseohe are our Lexia Legends this week and Erin and Rishi are our TT Rockstars! Well done to you all!

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