Murton Park

There was lots of excitement this week in Year 3 as we went on our long-awaited school trip to Murton Park. We had an amazing time transporting ourselves back in time to the Neolithic period and becoming Stone Age people for the day. Whilst we were there, we made pots out of clay, weaved with wool, made cave paintings and even hunted bears and boars with spears! We had the chance to see and handle various real Stone Age artefacts and finished the day with a Stone Age story in the round house around the fire. It was lovely to put our learning into context and become part of a Stone Age tribe for the day, well done for your enthusiasm and participation 3L!

My learner of the week this week is Maryam for always showing enthusiasm in everything she does. Not only is this shown in the classroom and around school but it was also shown on our school trip this week. It was so lovely to see how engaged and appreciative she was all day. Your smile lights up any room and makes my day, every day. The relationships you have with both pupils and adults is truly admirable. What a lovely member of the class you are!
Our Lexia Legends this week were Hawa, Maryam, Noor and Valerio. Our TT Rockstar was also Maryam. Huge congratulations to you all!

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