No Pens Day Wednesday

On Wednesday 24th November we celebrated No Pens Day Wednesday as a whole school. This was a day designated to speaking and listening, which meant no writing! As you can imagine the children were delighted! We took part in lots of oral games and activities including hot seating Barney from Stig of the Dump, presenting the life of Otzi and Lego building! The activities allowed us to practice our turn taking, listening and communicating skills. We used sentence stems to help collate our ideas together. What fun we had! Who knew we can still learn without writing!

In Computing this week, we started exploring Kodu and had a go at programming movement!

My learner of the week this week is Kaira. Not only has she joined our class this year and has fitted right in, she imbeds our school values and learning behaviours daily. She has been showing extra acts of kindness to many members of the class this week and has persevered with her handwriting over the past few weeks. This week Kaira wrote in her neatest cursive handwriting when writing her show what you know warning tale which included lots of suspense! Well done, Kaira. What a hardworking, kind member of the class you are!

Our TT Rockstar this week was Maryam, Lexia Legends were Lana, Pippa, Christian and Maryam and our Home Reading Champions were Evelyn, Elay and Eseohe. Well done to you all. Keep up the good work!

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