Isn’t it lovely to be back!

Despite the children only being in school for three days this week we certainly didn’t waste any time getting straight back into our learning in lots of fun ways!

In Geography we revised our knowledge from Year 2 and located the seven continents and five oceans on the inflatable globe and interactive whiteboard. We then discussed the climate in each using the equator to help us.

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication being the same as repeated addition. Look how proud Lily and Valerio are for interpreting an array correctly in four different ways!

This term in R.E we will be studying the Holy Trinity. To start us of, this week we discussed the word ‘water’ and thought of lots of meanings for it in our trios. We then wrote our thoughts with chalk and shared it with the class before ‘washing’ it away with water. We will be making links back to this when we discuss baptisms.

In PSHE we worked on team building and were given the challenge of getting from one side of the classroom to the other with only four sheets of newspaper!

Our TT Rockstar this week was Kaira for completing the most sessions and our home reading champion was Christian. Well done to you both!

Congratulations to Rishi, Lily and Eseohe for earning their Lexia certificates this week!

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