Sergei Prokofiev

In Music we have been studying the piece of music ‘Peter and the Wolf’ by the composer Sergei Prokofiev. We used the Chromebooks to find out more about him and his early life.

We have also been learning the different families within an orchestra and have practised categorising different musical instruments into these.

My learner of the week this week is Sakina for working so hard in all of her learning with an increase in stamina. She has lovely relationships with the children in class and the adults in school. What a friendly member of the class you are! Thank you for always making us smile!

Our TT Rockstar this week was Joshuah who has worked incredibly hard completing over 100 sessions! Well done Josh!

Congratulations to Elay and Haset for earning Home Reading Champions this week and our incredible Lexia Legends Evelyn, Valerio, Huw, Elijah and Haset. Well done to you all!

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