What a busy few weeks!

Over the past few weeks 3L have been working on various projects. One of them being our Iceland art project. We recreated the Aurora Borealis with tie die and sewed a ring of sequins into the middle. We then cut out hot and cold coloured pieces of fabric to represent volcanoes and icebergs. We sewed these onto our tie dye sheet and stuffed them to make them 3D.

Last week we took part in a skipping workshop. Some of us learnt how to skip during the session and those of us that knew how to skip learnt various skipping challenges. We showed incredible resilience by not giving up!

One of our other projects that we finished was our local history project. We visited St. Johns church, took part in an archeological dig and interviewed elderly people who have lived in Moor Allerton throughout their life. We found out even more information about our local area and how it has changed.

We have also had lots of celebrations over the past few weeks.

Well done for your incredible efforts this term Year 3, I hope you have a lovely break.

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