In writing we have been looking at ‘onomatopoeia’ words and have been using them to write a poem on George making a medicine to cure his Grandma. We have also been looking at adjectives, adverbs and similes to use when adding detailed description in a changing story.

In Art we have been looking at different typefaces. We used the famous Helvetica style to form our names on the chromes and designed our own typography using the first letter of our name.

On Friday we celebrated Eid throughout school. We have learnt so much about the Islamic Holy month and had the privilege of having some of our parents come in and tell us more about the special celebration. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for this.

Our home reading champion last week was Amy and our home reading champion for this week is Noah.

Our TT Rockstar last week was Evelyn and our TT Rockstar this week was Huw.

This weeks Lexia Legends and TT Rockstars.

My learner of the week last week was Pippa for being a wonderful member of our class. You bring so much joy and positivity daily. Not only this, I have been impressed with your knowledge and enthusiasm in History when learning about Queen Victoria. What an ACE Historian you are!

My learner of the week this week is Evelyn. Not only does Evelyn work incredibly hard in school she has also been taking her learning outside of school and has been entering many writing competitions which has led her to great successes such as featuring in podcasts! We are so proud of your achievements Evelyn, keep up the great work!

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