What an end to Year 3!

This week we got to finish our DT project that we have been working on this half term. The children have thoroughly enjoyed designing their packaging, making their product and performing their pitch in front of Andy.

On Wednesday we had our annual Willy Wonka Night filled with lots of fun and sugar! The children loved celebrating the end of our topic on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you 3L and to your parents for a wonderful year! I have loved every moment and really appreciate all of your cards, gifts and well wishes.

All the best for Year 4. Have a lovely summer holiday!

Branding, Forces and plenty of TALENT!

What a busy two weeks we have had!

On Wednesday 15th June we had a visit from Andy Edwards who gave us a session on branding. This was very inspiring and helpful as we are currently in the middle of a DT and Art project on a healthy chocolate snack. We used what Andy taught us to come up with our logo design, USP and strapline.

In Science we have enjoyed carrying out various experiments to test the contact and non contact forces friction and magnetism.

What a proud teacher I was on Wednesday! Everyone who took part in the ACE Got Talent Show performed superbly and I was grinning from ear to ear watching their bravery and skills. Not only did our class have many talented acts representing Year 3 but we also had the winner for LKS2!! Well done Maryam, we are so proud of you!

We loved receiving our Platinum Jubilee books for Queen Victoria this week! Some of us couldn’t wait until getting home to start reading.

Thank you to our latest mystery readers Mr Heaton (Huw’s Dad) and Mrs Dryell (Lily’s Mum) we love having our parents come in to read to us!

My learner of the week for last week was Elijah. Elijah has showed great maturity and concentration over the past few weeks proving he is ready for the transition into Year 4. I have been impressed with his resilient effort and attitude in everything he’s been given as well as always showing the correct behaviour. Well done Elijah!

My learner of the week this week is Hawa for her sheer determination and perseverance in everything she is faced with. There is nothing that will stop Hawa attempting a task with 100% even when it’s a challenge. The progress you have made since the start of Year 3 almost had me in tears this week. I am so proud of you! Well done Hawa.

Making music with chocolate bars!

Last week we composed a piece of music with our partner using chocolate bars linking to our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory topic. We then performed these in front of the class. What fun we had!

In DT we discussed the difference between natural and refined sugars. We then tasted different healthier alternatives to chocolate in preparation for designing our own product in the coming weeks.

Huw was our TT Rockstar last week, Noah WH and Evelyn were our Home Reading Champions and Erin was our Lexia legend. Well done to you all!

My learners of the week last week were Amy and Joshuah. Amy grows in confidence daily and I’ve been really impressed with her effort and enthusiasm in lessons. She is always showing the correct behaviour and is a lovely member of the class. Joshuah also had a good week and showed perseverance in writing and maths. Well done to you both!

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

What a way to start the week back after our half term than with some Jubilee celebrations! Luckily the weather was on our side on Tuesday so we could have a lovely extended lunch to celebrate the occasion.

In R.E this week we looked at the story of Abraham and how he had trusted God’s plan. We carried out a ‘hot seat’ oracy activity which allowed some of us to put ourselves in Abraham’s shoes. In PSHE we worked in pairs to organise and agree on a Diamond 9 about what is important to us.

In reading this week we looked at the poem ‘ Please Mrs Butler’ and on Friday we had a go at coming up with our own section of the poem. I was very impressed with our innovations.

My learner of the week this week is Lana. Lana is a wonderful member of the class who brings so much positivity and fun to the classroom. She always tries hard in her learning. I have particularly been impressed with her resourcefulness and resilience when learning to tell the time this week. Well done Lana!

Evelyn was our home reading champion this week and Noah McG was our TT Rockstar. Lily and Caitlyn were also awarded their handwriting pens. Well done to you all!

Lastly, a massive thank you to Hawa and Noor’s mummy for coming in to be our mystery reader this week. We really appreciate it and loved hearing you read to us!

A busy yet exiting week!

We thoroughly enjoyed getting into character for our Victorian Day on Tuesday (Miss Lucas included). We spent the morning in the workhouse, reciting our times tables and practicing our handwriting on chalkboards. In the afternoon we learnt about Victorian entertainment and made a traditional Victorian toy- the spinning top to play with!

Thursday was also a very special day because it was National Thank a Teacher Day and our headteacher Mrs Stott won Silver award in the Headteacher of the Year awards. We were so proud! To celebrate we held a debate on whether thanking a headteacher is important which you can view below.

Congratulations to Haset for being our Home Reading Champion this week. Haset was also our Lexia Legend along with Pippa and Noah McG was our TT Rockstar! Well done to you all.

Our learner of the week this week is Olivia. Olivia always goes above and beyond for herself and others. She always shows the correct behaviour and gives 100% in her learning. Olivia particularly impressed me this week with her role in the debate, stepping out of her comfort and spoke so articulate and clear.  

Thank you to Pippa’s mummy who came in to be our mystery reader for this week. Don’t forget to get in touch if you would like to be one of our mystery readers.

I hope you have a lovely half term break. School will reopen on Monday 6th June.

Working Collaboratively

Over the past few weeks we have been working collaboratively in our cross curricular sujects to meet our learning objectives.

In History, we sorted statements into the correct circles in a Venn diagram linking to our learning of life of the rich and poor in the Victorian times.

We also worked in groups in Science to order soils according to their suitability to grow a plant.

We had had our first mystery reader come in on Friday. Thank you to Evelyn’s mummy Aishin for reading to us. Please contact myself or school if you would like to be one of our mystery readers this year.

My learner of the week last week was Valerio for showing reflectiveness in his writing. He has been thinking carefully about his sentence structure and checking his work regularly with his green pen. Not only this, I have been impressed with his efforts in handwriting too. Well done Valerio!

My learner of the week this week is Cristian for his perseverance and attitude in his school work. This is particularly in his handwriting as in recent weeks he has shown a willingness that he really wants it! You are a pleasure to teach Cristian, thank you for working so hard. 

Erin and Pippa have been our recent home reading champions!

Amy and Evelyn were our TT Rockstars and many more achieved their RockSlam certificates. Well done to you all.


In writing we have been looking at ‘onomatopoeia’ words and have been using them to write a poem on George making a medicine to cure his Grandma. We have also been looking at adjectives, adverbs and similes to use when adding detailed description in a changing story.

In Art we have been looking at different typefaces. We used the famous Helvetica style to form our names on the chromes and designed our own typography using the first letter of our name.

On Friday we celebrated Eid throughout school. We have learnt so much about the Islamic Holy month and had the privilege of having some of our parents come in and tell us more about the special celebration. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for this.

Our home reading champion last week was Amy and our home reading champion for this week is Noah.

Our TT Rockstar last week was Evelyn and our TT Rockstar this week was Huw.

This weeks Lexia Legends and TT Rockstars.

My learner of the week last week was Pippa for being a wonderful member of our class. You bring so much joy and positivity daily. Not only this, I have been impressed with your knowledge and enthusiasm in History when learning about Queen Victoria. What an ACE Historian you are!

My learner of the week this week is Evelyn. Not only does Evelyn work incredibly hard in school she has also been taking her learning outside of school and has been entering many writing competitions which has led her to great successes such as featuring in podcasts! We are so proud of your achievements Evelyn, keep up the great work!

Taking our learning outdoors

It was so lovely having the children back in school after the two week break. Luckily the sunshine stayed for us to enjoy so we made the most of it!

On Wednesday we went orienteering after learning about the eight compass points in Geography. On our travels we discovered lots of clues which we brought back to the classrooom to piece together. After many predictions we realised it was a picture of Queen Victoria!

We studied the picture carefully in History and created a fact file on Queen Victoria using the internet to find out more about her lifetime. We found out lots of interesting facts! Then we pieced together a timeline of her life in chronological order.

We also made use of the outdoors in Art, using natural materials to get creative!

My learner of the week this week is Ahmed. Ahmed has showed an increasing improvement in his concentrating and willingness to learn since before the break. I have been impressed with his resilience in managing his distractions so that he can achieve his best potential. Well done Ahmed, keep it up! 

Our TT Rockstar this week was Erin and our Home Reading Champion was Pippa. Well done girls! We also had lots of Lexia Legends who had earnt their certificates over the holidays. Congratulations to you all!

What a busy few weeks!

Over the past few weeks 3L have been working on various projects. One of them being our Iceland art project. We recreated the Aurora Borealis with tie die and sewed a ring of sequins into the middle. We then cut out hot and cold coloured pieces of fabric to represent volcanoes and icebergs. We sewed these onto our tie dye sheet and stuffed them to make them 3D.

Last week we took part in a skipping workshop. Some of us learnt how to skip during the session and those of us that knew how to skip learnt various skipping challenges. We showed incredible resilience by not giving up!

One of our other projects that we finished was our local history project. We visited St. Johns church, took part in an archeological dig and interviewed elderly people who have lived in Moor Allerton throughout their life. We found out even more information about our local area and how it has changed.

We have also had lots of celebrations over the past few weeks.

Well done for your incredible efforts this term Year 3, I hope you have a lovely break.

Local walk in Moor Allerton

Last Tuesday we went for a local walk to discover more about the local area where our school is located. We came across some local landmarks. Can you recognise any?
In the afternoon we went to Moor Allerton library and took part in a hunt to match facts with artefacts. We then had a go at locating landmarks onto a giant King Lane map. We are finding out so much about the local history of Moor Allerton.

We were really proud of Lily this week who was awarded second place in the World Book Day potato competition. Well done Lily and to everyone else who entered.

We had lots more to celebrate this week as the whole class was awarded learner of the week. This was because they really did me proud on Wednesday when I was absent from school. Despite me not being there, they continued to show our school values and respectful behaviour which I get to witness everyday. I received a lovely email from the two external visitors who took them which really cheered me up. Well done 3L, I love when others get to see how wonderful you all are.

Elay was our home reading champion this week, Cristian was our TT Rockstar and Eseohe was our Lexia legend. Well done to you all!

Lastly, we had three more childfen earn their pen passes this week. Well done to Eseohe, Olivia and Rishi. They have worked incredibly hard to earn it!