Learner of The Week

Well done to Madeleine.  You have shown fantastic collaborations skills in all the different team roles you have taken on this week.  You asked really well though through questions which supported your team to make progress towards their task.  You also had a really kind and empathetic approach to supporting partners when they were finding things hard.  Well done!

Anti Bullying Week

This week has been Anti Bullying Week in school. We have been learning about what bullying is, the different roles there are when bullying happens and how we can deal with bullying. We then thought about 3 big questions.

  1. How can other people make you happy? What do you like about being with others?

2. How can other people make you unhappy? What don’t you like about being with others?

3. what does it mean to be a bystander? What is the opposite of a bystander?

We then thought about how we could unite against bullying. We made posters showing that we wanted bullying to stop and why. We also thought about bystanders and why they needed to be challenged and stopped. We went outside to show off our poster with a chant.


This half term our learning behaviour we have been focusing on is Relationships and our learning character is Wyldstyle. We have been working on our team work skills and taking different roles such as Leader, Deputy, Scriber, Questioner, Motivator and Finisher. Each person in a team has a different but equally important role. Today we practiced working on these roles on a team to help our scriber build a Lego model without seeing a picture of it. We had some great efforts. Well done Year 3.

No Pens Wednesday

Today has been No Pens Wednesday. We have done lots of different activities focusing on our speaking and listening skills.

We really enjoyed learning the story of Otzi and then orally retelling it adding actions to help us remember The different parts of the story. We cannot wait to write our own Otzi stories coming up with a motive for why this prehistoric man was killed.

We also worked on our verbal language skills during Maths. We looked at a problem and talked with out partner to come up with different answers and justify these answers.

Chime bars

We were so lucky this week because we had Mr Mercer who came to work with us. We began to learn chime bars and playing up and down the scale in time with the music. We also learned how to use our bodies as percussion instruments. We cannot wait for our next session with him in a couple of weeks.

Learner of the Week

This week our Learner of the Week is Tiyahna.  She has been working so hard in class and I have been so impressed with her collaboration skills this week.  She has taken on different roles such as the leader or the checker.  She has confidently shared her ideas and understanding with her partner and the class which has supported herself and others with their learning.  Well done Tiyahna.  Very Wyldestyle!