Willy Wonka Extravaganza

After weeks of anticipation and excitement, on Thursday 15th July the day had finally arrived for Willy Wonka Night! The night consisted of lots of fun, laughter and sugar rushes! From finding the golden egg in a scavenger hunt, visiting the sweet shop, decorating bookmarks, having a taste of the chocolate fountain to listening to a story from Mr Wonka himself, I think it is fair to say all of the children enjoyed this special night and it was truly well deserved after their efforts earning their golden tickets!

Victorian Day

We thoroughly enjoyed getting into character for our Victorian Day last Thursday (Miss Lucas and Ms Slater included). We spent the morning in the workhouse, reciting our times tables and practicing our handwriting on chalkboards. By break the children were definitely ready for a well earned snack! Little did they know it was potato peel soup and a small piece of bread.

In the afternoon we learnt about Victorian entertainment in History and made a traditional Victorian toy – the spinning top.

What an exciting day we had! Although, I think the children were pleased to have school back to normal on Friday!

My learner of the week is Umar for always managing his distractions and completing his learning on time. You have been a lovely addition to our class since joining and always behave well. Keep up the good work, well done!

Well done to Elinoy for earning her Lexia certificate and to Shang, Sarkar, Ayesha and Andrew for being our TT Rockstars this week.

Also, a huge well done to all those who achieved their Gold behaviour certificates this half term.

Hope you are all having a lovely sunny half term break.

What have we been getting up to?

In Science we have been continuing our Plants topic and have carried out some experiments to test the conditions plants need to grow and survive. We also looked at different types of soil and used their descriptions to decide which is the best to grow plants in and why.

In History we have been learning about the lives of the rich and poor in the Victorian times and how they differed significantly. Using this information we then looked at how children’s lives improved during Queen Victoria’s reign. We created posters stating why child labour should be stopped, which included shocking facts to back our decision.

In Art we have continued looking at typography and started making our own fonts. We took the first letter of our name and added some intricate details and designs to them. What lovely letters they were!

In Writing we have been using our description toolkit to up level our innovative changing stories through Talk 4 Writing. We have been editing and improving each piece of writing against our class targets ready for our ‘show what you know’ piece next week.

In Music with Mr Mercer we listened to a piece of music and had a go at guessing what was happening after moving to the tempo. We then had a go at composing a piece on the chime bars. I was very impressed!

We have had lots to celebrate recently…

First, here are our most recent Lexia Legends and TT Rockstars.

Our recent Learners of the Week have been:

Aysel for not only showing superb reflectiveness in her own learning but also the class model in writing. She has been putting her editing skills to good use, checking for errors and adding description to up level and improve her writing. Well done Aysel. 

Alfie for being an all-round outstanding member of our class. You implement all of our learning behaviours daily and are a kind, caring friend to others. We are very lucky to have you in our class. Keep being you!

Lastly, we have been giving out a new reward in class – Pen Passes!!

Well done to Joshua, Elinoy and Shangen for being the first to receive these.

The Industrial Revolution

In history this half term we have been learning about Queen Victoria’s reign and the impact it had. This week, we looked at the Industrial Revolution and why the population in Leeds rapidly increased. We learnt about the 7 Arches Viaduct located in Adel Woods, which a lot of children were familiar with, and it’s job during this time. I wonder if they can tell you at home or if you could take a visit?

In R.E we have been looking at religious leaders and how they are good role models. This week we looked at Prophet Muhammad and the story of the Crying Camel. We recreated this story in our book and identified why Prophet Muhammad is an inspiration.

In writing we are continuing George’s Marvellous Medicine through Talk4Writing. Here is us retelling some of the story for you.

My learner of the week this week is Sebastian for absorbing all of our learning in English and applying it to his writing. I love your imagination and use of vocabulary when adding description and noticing the appropriate punctuation needed in different sentences. Keep up the good work, well done!

Congratulations to Ivy as well for completing another unit in Lexia and achieving her certificate.

TT Rockstars – Aysel, Zaina, Fahad 

Lexia – Ruby, Lilly Hinch, Joshua 

Superstar – Bilal

Our very own Spelling Bee winners!!!

On Thursday it was the final of our annual spelling bee and we had Ayesha and Andrew represent Year 3 after winning the previous rounds. At first they were up against Year 4s in the LKS2 round which they both succeeded in and went through to the final round against the other key stage phases, KS1 and UKS2. After an intense round and lots of finger crosses, nail biting and cheering from the classroom, as we watched live, Andrew and Ayesha were both crowned the winners of the Spelling Bee this year. I couldn’t be prouder of them both and the class for being so supportive to them.

As a reward, they were both taken to The Little Bookshop with Mrs Johnston and Mrs Whitley on Friday to chose a book of their own. How fantastic! Well done once again Andrew and Ayesha, well deserved winners.


This week in writing we looked at a new word ‘onomatopoeia’ and learnt the meaning of it. We then used onomatopoeia words to write a poem on George making a medicine to cure his Grandma. In our poem we included adjectives to describe the unusual ingredients added. Once we were happy with our poems we drew them out to help us perform them in class.

In maths we looked at equivalent fractions and how they can be simplified. We used lots of practical methods to help us understand.

Not only have we been doing a daily mile to get in some exercise we have also enjoyed using our new skipping ropes at break time and are getting so much better at jumping in!

I had to go for two learners of the week again this week and they were:

Mason R – for showing remarkable resilience and not giving up during our daily mile. You have also worked incredibly hard on fractions in maths this week and wrote a lovely George’s Marvellous Medicine poem. What a fantastic week! 

Emily – for being so resourceful and reflective in her learning, always. I have been so impressed with you using pictorial representations to help you with fractions in maths this week. Your confidence increased as the days went on and it was so lovely to see your pride when you got your answers correct.

Miss Cooke paid us a visit on Friday to announce the winner of the reading competition that took place during the Easter holidays, was in our class! Well done to Isaac who won a £10 Waterstones gift voucher. Also congratulations to Hugo, Bilal and Fahad who received a certificate for taking part. Well do to all our achievers this week!

What a fantastic first week back!

It was so lovely having the children back in school after the two week break. We got through lots of learning this week and the children worked really hard and impressed me as always!

In writing we looked at autobiographies and wrote our own after learning about our early life at home. We started the lesson having a go at spelling the word ‘autobiography’ in different ways using our phonic knowledge and breaking the word into syllables. We then chose which one we thought looked right. I was impressed with how many of us spelt it correctly!

In Maths this week we have been adding and subtracting fractions as well as finding a whole. Before we began this learning we had a go at recapping our previous knowledge of fractions by making and drawing fractions in different ways.

On Wednesday, we went orienteering after learning about the 8 compass points in Geography. On our travels we discovered lots of clues which we brought back to the classroom to piece together. It was a picture of Queen Victoria!

We studied the photo carefully in History and created a fact file on Queen Victoria using the internet to find out more about her lifetime. Then we pieced together a timeline of her life in chronological order.

In Art this half term we are looking a typography so started the topic outdoors making letters from natural materials.

I had to choose two learners of the week this week after the impressive learning taking place! They were;

Rayan, for showing perseverance in maths, challenging himself to do trickier questions and using knowledge he already knew to answer them. Well done and keep up the good work! 

Caitlin for working really hard on her handwriting target this week, showing determination despite a sore hand! She even continued practicing at home. Her hard work was evident in her autobiography writing. Well done, Caitlin. 

We were incredibly proud of Ayesha and Andrew who made it to the finals of Spelling Bee this week after competing with other contestants in Year 3. It was another tight round ending in a tie-breaker but they are the overall boy and girl winner of our Year Group! Huge congratulations to you both!

Lastly, well done to our Lexia Legends this week Andrew, Isaac, Joshua and Ayesha!

Looking forward to another great week of learning next week!

An Arctic Expedition

What another exciting week we have had with only four more school days to go before we break up for Easter. 

We started the week looking at our new class novel ‘A small tall tale from the far, far north’ and discovered some interesting observations from the front cover. In reading we looked at the prologue, and found the book written by Peter Sis is about an explorer called Jan Welzl. 

In DT we made our very own mittens using felt as it was the best insulator in an experiment we carried out. This was in preparation for our very own Arctic expedition in school. We really impressed our teachers with our sewing skills! 

On Wednesday we had another visit from Matthew Bellwood who brought his friend Mr Fotheringham along with him for our expedition. A meteorite had landed in the school playground and we had to pack a sledge with essential items including rations, a rope and weapons before we set off. The journey was long and tiring as we crossed cravasses and ice but we finally made it to the meteorite (with the help of a friendly polar bear) where the Inuits had left us a very important message. I wonder if your child can remember what they warned us of? 

We used this expedition to drive our writing towards the end of the week, writing a poem about packing a sledge. We will also continue using our Arctic expedition learning to write an innovative story next week. 

There was a lot of excitement on Tuesday after the delivery of our new tables. Some of them are standing and include whiteboard tables tops. We love them and they make us feel so grown up!

My learner of the week this week is Elinoy for not only settling so well into our class but also for showing our learning behaviour and adhering to our school rules. You have been a supportive partner and class member helping others, even on your first day when you didn’t know anyone. You have shown enthusiasm to all of our learning and you have been a lovely addition to our class. 

TT Rockstars  – Umar , Fahad, Shang and Andrew 

Sumdog – Bilal, Aysel and Alfie 

Lexia – Andrew, Emily, Isaac and Umar

Also a well done to Andrew and Ayesha our Spelling Bee winners who are through to the next round. It was a close call and everyone who took part did incredibly well!

What a fun week we have had!

We started the week finding angles outdoors as part of our forest school learning. This helped us understand that angles can be found anywhere and in different objects! For the rest of the week we looked at three types of angles; right, acute and obtuse. By the end of the week we were really confident at recognising these in different scenarios.

In our writing sessions we continued looking at the story of Lemminkainen, after working with Matthew Bellwood last week. We used Talk 4 Writing to draw out the story and took a section each in groups. In our groups we practiced orally rehearsing it. This helped us when it came to writing the section in our books. We looked at different synonyms and adjectives which we applied to add description and detail to the characters. After lots of practice we were ready to write. We will be editing these and publishing them next week. We look forward to sharing these with you! Here is our writing journey so far.

In Geography we looked at how volcanoes are formed. We discovered the different layers of the Earth and learnt a new vocabulary such as tectonic plates. To illustrate our new learning we drew diagrams of volcanoes and labelled these.

Lastly, in Art we worked in small groups to tie – dye with Ms Hirst. These were done on sheets of fabric that will represent the Aurora Borealis. We are going to continue to add to these next week and can’t wait to see the finished outcome.

My learner of the week this week is Lilly Hinchcliffe for really impressing me this week with her resourcefulness. In lessons she has applied knowledge that she already knew and asked the correct questions to gain new learning. Really impressed – keep up the good work!

TT Rockstars – Umar, Andrew and Shang 

Sumdog – Ivy , Ario and Andrew

Lexia – Andrew, Ruby and Alfie