Maths Morning

What a great end to our half term we have had! This morning we had Maths Morning and it was so much fun. We had different activities which allowed us to practice and apply different skills. We used our online learning platforms as well as playing place value and times tables board game and using our reasoning and problem solving skills to solve the Caveman Code Cracker and Caveman Conundrum. Well done Year 3.

Creating our own cave paintings.

This week we built on last week’s learning about cave art and we had a go at creating our own cave paintings using clay and charcoal. We looked at different images of cave art which has been discovered for ideas. We thought about why early humans created cave paintings and learned that they were created for different reasons. Sometimes to communicate with people, sometimes as a pre hunting ritual and sometimes to record events. We also discussed why these are such a valuable historic source. Check out our cave art below. What do you think?

Learner of the week

A huge well done to Zidan who is our final Learner of the week of the half term. Zidan has been working so hard on his maths. He has been making links between the strategies he has learned in the pervious lessons and using these to support him in his learning on that day. This has meant that he has grown in confidence. Well done Zidan I am really proud of you. Keep it up.

Cave art

This week we started to Learn about Stone Age cave art. We made links to what we knew about Stone Age life and form their discussed the materials they may have used to create their art. We discovered that they used natural paints and their fingers and sticks to create beautiful cave paintings. Then we went out side to explore our our door area and see if we could fine any natural resources to make into paints. We tried lots of things such as grass, leaves, berries, mud, sand, clay and charcoal. What fun we had!

Learner of the Week

This week’s Learner of the Week is Thomas Shann. Well done Thomas you are always being Batman. Always managing distractions and always trying your best which has meant that you have completed some fantastic learning over the last few weeks. What a great role model you are! Keep it up!

Learner of the Week

Nicole has been using her Batman perseverance skills so well this week.  She has been working so hard in maths and never gave up no matter how tricky she was finding it.  Today it was a pleasure to see her confidence as she was working.  Well done Nicole.

Learner of the Week

This week’s Learner of the Week Is Lio. He has been working so hard and really using his resourcefulness like Emmett and has been making links between reading and writing and also between his Year 2 and Year 3 Maths. Great work Lio!