Lemminkainen workshop

This week we had a visit from Matthew Bellwood who carried out a workshop based around the Nordic Folk Tale of Lemminkainen, which will be our new Talk for Writing text. The day was filled with singing, drama and storytelling. The children even had the chance to create their very own shadow puppet show to re-enact the story using puppets they made themselves.

My learner of the week this week is Kareem for always working so hard and looking for ways to improve. He really impressed me acting as the main character this week in our Lemminkainen drama. This was out of your comfort zone but you really gave it 100%. Well done Kareem, what a wonderful attitude to learning you have!

Well done to Cristian for being our TT Rockstar this week and to Lana for being our Home Reading Champion. Congratulations to you both.

World Book Day

What a fantastic day we have had for World Book Day! Thank you for all of your efforts with your child’s costume. They were all great!

We took part in a quiz with our librarian Miss Whiteley. I was very impressed with our knowledge of books and authors! Well done Year 3!

The past two weeks in 3L…

We have been so busy these last two weeks Miss Lucas forgot to post about our exciting adventures last week!

On Wednesday 9th February it was Day 1 of our Local History Project. We took a trip to the Discovery Centre in the morning where we looked at maps and artefacts linked to Moor Allerton. In the afternoon, we carried out more research about the area our school is located, in Leeds Library using books and newspaper clippings on a projector! What fun we had! Unfortunately, Day 2 had to be rearranged due to the weather this week but we are looking forward to learning even more about our very interesting local area.

Last week, we celebrated Women in Science week. I was very impressed when the children were asked to draw a scientist how many female scientist there were (and this was before they knew it was Women in Science week). We looked at a variety of Women who made an impact in Science but we focused on Mary Anning, the fossil collector.

We had a very exciting visitor last Friday 11th February from author Serena Patel. What an inspiration she was! Serena told us all about how she became an author, the challenges that came with it and her successes.

Year 3 have been working collaboratively as a Year group over the past two weeks to perform an Ice Palace dance choreographed by Miss Allison.

This week was a very exciting week in school as it was Round 1 of our annual Spelling Bee competition. I know how hard the children have been practicing for this and I was so proud of them all for their efforts. We reached a tie breaker round but our overall champions were Elijah and Evelyn. Huge congratulations to you both.

My learner of the week last week was Huw, this was for always contributing meaningful ideas to class discussions and I was particularly impressed with his questioning and making links during our History trip. Thank you for always working so hard and trying your best Huw. Keep up the good work. 

My learner of the week this week was Caitlyn. Caitlyn is my learner of the week this week for being a wonderful member of the class. She is so kind, caring and has lovely relationships with the other children and staff in school. Despite having some time at home, Caitlyn has came back and jumped straight back into her leaning. What a fabulous member of the class you are!

Our Home Reading Champions last week were Hawa and Noor and this week it was Pippa. Well done for all the reading you are doing at home!

Lexia Legends this week were Sara, Hawa, Eseohe, Noor and Huw

Our reigning TT Rockstars Champion is Cristian who has earnt it for two weeks in a row! Well done Cristian!

I want to wish you a lovely half term break. Thank you for all of the support over the last seven weeks. I look forward to seeing the children again on Monday 28th February when school returns as normal.

Collaborations and Celebrations

Last week in Writing we worked on our class targets for an information text. One of these was categorising information under correct subheadings. The class collaborated really well in groups to achieve this, listening to each others opinions before coming to an agreement.

On Tuesday 1st February it was Chinese New Year and we had the privilege of Evelyn in our class to share this celebration with us. Evelyn told us the story of Nian and showed us decorations used in houses as well as a traditional red envelope they receive money in as a gift. We then made our very own Year of the Tiger lanterns. What fun we had!

In Science we continued to look at the vocabulary Transparent, Opaque and Translucent. To show our understanding of this we drew diagrams to represent this which included light sources and appropriate materials.

My learner of the week last week was Amy for being brave in class discussions and contributing some brilliant and thoughtful ideas. I was particularly impressed with her input during class shared writes using previous knowledge in toolkits to up level and improve. Well done!

Another well done goes to Eljah and Elay for being our class TT Rockstar and Home Reading Champion!

Learning our 4 and 8 times tables!

This week in Maths we learnt our four and eight times tables! To do this we made links with the two times tables and noticed patterns to help us such as doubling!

3L were ACE Scientists this week when we learnt the definition of opaque, transparent and translucent. We used this knowledge to identify and classify objects in the classroom and around school.

In Art, we used various sketching techniques to add detail to our Arctic animal sketches.

In R.E we collaborated in groups to sort statements linked to The Holy Trinity. We then acted out the Kenning Poem using actions.

You can watch our Kenning Poem performance here – https://youtu.be/mqTh1vumADM

Hawa is my learner of the week this week for always impressing those around her, especially Miss Lucas and for showing the correct behaviour at any time throughout the day. She continuously shows determination in all aspects of her learning even when she finds it tricky. We love watching you achieve what you set out to do Hawa because you deserve it. Well done!

Congratulations to Maryam for earning TT Rockstar this week, Haset for being our Home Reading Champion and our Lexia Legends Maryam and Elijah.

Sergei Prokofiev

In Music we have been studying the piece of music ‘Peter and the Wolf’ by the composer Sergei Prokofiev. We used the Chromebooks to find out more about him and his early life.

We have also been learning the different families within an orchestra and have practised categorising different musical instruments into these.

My learner of the week this week is Sakina for working so hard in all of her learning with an increase in stamina. She has lovely relationships with the children in class and the adults in school. What a friendly member of the class you are! Thank you for always making us smile!

Our TT Rockstar this week was Joshuah who has worked incredibly hard completing over 100 sessions! Well done Josh!

Congratulations to Elay and Haset for earning Home Reading Champions this week and our incredible Lexia Legends Evelyn, Valerio, Huw, Elijah and Haset. Well done to you all!

The Tear Thief

This week in Talk 4 Writing we have been imitating our text ‘The Tear Thief’ using our text map.

In Geography, we located some countries in the European continent. Did you know there are 44 of these? Lots of us recognised some of these countries as places they have visited on holiday or countries where family lives or comes from. Great making links like Emmett!

In Art, we practiced our sketching techniques using different pencils.

My learner of the week this week is Noah McGregor for being ‘on it’ since coming back to school after the break. He has shown active listening, contributed thoughtful ideas in class discussions and reflected on his handwriting to improve. Wow Noah, I couldn’t be prouder! Well done! 

We had a new, very exciting certificate introduced this week – the Pen Pass! Well done to Evelyn and Maryam for being the first to receive one of these. I know a lot of us are very close!

Well done to Evelyn for being our TT Rockstar this week and to Lily for being our Home Reading Champion!

Isn’t it lovely to be back!

Despite the children only being in school for three days this week we certainly didn’t waste any time getting straight back into our learning in lots of fun ways!

In Geography we revised our knowledge from Year 2 and located the seven continents and five oceans on the inflatable globe and interactive whiteboard. We then discussed the climate in each using the equator to help us.

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication being the same as repeated addition. Look how proud Lily and Valerio are for interpreting an array correctly in four different ways!

This term in R.E we will be studying the Holy Trinity. To start us of, this week we discussed the word ‘water’ and thought of lots of meanings for it in our trios. We then wrote our thoughts with chalk and shared it with the class before ‘washing’ it away with water. We will be making links back to this when we discuss baptisms.

In PSHE we worked on team building and were given the challenge of getting from one side of the classroom to the other with only four sheets of newspaper!

Our TT Rockstar this week was Kaira for completing the most sessions and our home reading champion was Christian. Well done to you both!

Congratulations to Rishi, Lily and Eseohe for earning their Lexia certificates this week!

Happy Holidays

This week we reminisced about our Arts Fortnight ‘Dinner with Mr Beaver’ and made beaver calendars for 2022. We practiced our sewing skills to do this. I was very impressed with the precision and skill! They turned out fantastic! What a lovely memory to have.

On Friday we made Christingles ready for our virtual Christingle service. We learnt what each part of a Christingle represents.

We loved opening our present from Friends of Allerton. What a lovely book that links to the learning we have been doing! We can’t wait to read!

My learner of the week this week is Sara. Sara has had a fantastic start to Year 3. Not only does she engage her learning behaviours in lessons and maintains a positive mindset to try her best and not give up, she is also our school councillor who has taken this role seriously in making a change for our class and school. You are a role model for kindness Sara and we are lucky to have you represent our class. Well done!

Lexia Legends this week were Logan, Maryam, Kaira and Lana.

Our TT Rockstar was Rishi.

Pippa, Rishi and Lana were our home reading champions.

Thank you for all your support over the past term. What a fantastic start to Year 3 the children have had! I hope you have a lovely break.

Children return to school on Wednesday 5th January.

Winter Wonderland

This week we looked at a Winter Wonderland poem in Reading which we read in a carousel for you below.

In History we consolidated our learning on the Iron Age by making an information leaflet.

Our TT Rockstar this week was Lana and our home reading champion was Elay. Congratulations to Evelyn, Eseohe, Sara, Amy and Huw for earning their Lexia certificate.

My learner of the week this week is Elijah. Elijah has made a conscious effort to make the right choices this week, managing any distractions successfully. He has impressed me with ‘showing five’ when needed and his willingness to learn in every subject. Well done on a fantastic week Elijah, keep it up!